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Monday, April 15, 2019

On This Day: 15 Apr

Masters of the Universe sticker album - free with 2000 A.D. (IPC Magazines Ltd.) Prog 414 (20 Apr 1987).

Ranger: The National Boys' Magazine compiled by Steve Holland & David Slinn (Bear Alley Books) ISBN-13: 9781907081705


Allen Andrews (1913); Russell Partridge Brockbank (1913); Ian Gammidge (1916); Denis McLoughlin (1918); Alberto Breccia (1919); Mal Dean (1941); Steve Holland (Bear Alley)


Alberto Giolitti (1993)

Notable Events:

A bronze Dan Dare bust (sculpted by John Fowler) was officially unveiled in Southport in 2000, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the character. Given how impressive and realistic the sculpture is, what is most remarkable is that it cost a mere £1,628.

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