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Why don't you include values of the comics and annuals you feature?

Because this isn't a price guide. There are plenty of websites which provide valuations (however arbitrary they may be), so there isn't a need for me to confuse people with useless information. Furthermore, the intense analysis of values is one of the reasons the comics industry as a whole is suffering so badly - the pressure to create "instant collectables" led to the charge of fancy covers and massive over-printing in the early 90s, so I have an inherent dislike of price guides.

Are you willing to sell any of the items you have cataloged?

No. Not a chance. It has taken me over two decades to accumulate this collection, and I would rather cut off an arm than sell any of it.

Do you have tips on preserving old comics?

No. I read everything I buy, and I don't bother with gloves as I dislike them. Most of the comics are packed in cardboard boxes, out of order. Plenty are bagged, though there aren't any special considerations I take. These titles are meant to be read, and I like reading them.

Are you ever going to get around to listing...?

Yes. I will. Give me time. Sooner or later I will get around to whatever comic it is that you are waiting on.