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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Website Maintenance

For the next couple of weeks you might discover that the rate of 404 messages increases while browsing the website, but this shouldn't be too bad - I'm tweaking things, and taking the opportunity to begin rationalizing some of the links (while trying desperately not to break anything else in the process). There are numerous problems I have been studiously ignoring, and the accumulated problems RL has been throwing at me has kept these from being addressed.

What does this mean for the database? Well, it should be faster. And - hopefully - slicing the content into smaller chunks means that it can have more on-screen images, which I have been shying away from as the size of the website was already rather excessive. Aside from being prettier, I am doing my best to make sure that it is going to be easier to find things.

The biggest difference I am making during this period of transition, and the one which has been giving me the most headaches, is the collection of all similar types - at present there are two folders on the server, for Books (featuring both comics reference and novels) and Collections (such as the small Batman paperbacks from Titan). Added to this, there are pages for References (books about comics), Paperbacks, Further Reading and other items. Finding a particular book among these numerous pages has become tiresome.

If you notice something which is impeding your use of the site, or if you have any suggestions about further improvements, please leave a comment here.

I nearly forgot to mention... that white stripe intersecting the flag atop the site? That isn't meant to be there. Ignore it. I'll work out how to squeeze the two sections together eventually.